Room By Room Guide to Everything You Need to Move Out

by: Glen,

Room By Room Guide to Everything You Need to Move Out

Moving out on your own, whether it’s with a significant other or not, can be very overwhelming. On top of finding a place to rent or buy and going through that whole process, now, if you don’t own things already, you will also need to buy all of the stuff to actually live in the house or apartment. We’ve put together a comprehensive list broken down room by room of everything you may need to live on your own.




The kitchen is definitely the most overwhelming room to stock for the first time. The items seem endless, and even when you’re finished getting everything you need, there always seem to be more gadgets and cookware to consider . For now let’s start with the basics.


Coffee Maker


Obviously a must have. I know a lot of people just grab their coffee on the way to work, but let’s face it, living on your own is expensive and making your coffee might be a way to save money for more important things. Plus, a single serve can make a coffee faster than a coffee shop anyway, and if you get a pod free one, it’s better for the environment. Check out this single serve that has its own frother for doing latte’s and is pod free.




Another thing that’s pretty tough to do without. The best bang for your buck on these is to buy a set that comes with plates, bowls and coffee mugs. It’s usually a set of 4, so you can decide if 1 will do or if you need more than that for when you’re entertaining. This set includes the coffee mugs as well.




Again, this usually comes in some sort of set. Often there are multiple sizes of glasses in the same set, so you’re pretty much covered. You just need to pick the ones that suit your style and get enough for when company comes over. I love the look of these rock glasses. And don’t forget the stemless wine glasses ( a must have).


Pots and Pans


Even if you hate cooking and don’t plan on doing much of it, you should probably have at least one set of pots and pans. After all, you are an adult now.


Cooking Utensils


I know, enough with the cooking already! But really, you need this, even if it’s just a cheap set with a spatula and large spoon. You need to be able to cook an egg, it’s one of the first things on the adulting test. Plus, they’re already included in the package deal with the pots and pans above.