Client Care


Customer Care

At Greatwise, providing the highest level of customer service is our greatest goal. To that end, our team of people put their skills and dedication to work each day. For the good of our homeowners, their families, and the communities.

We understand that each customer is different, with different needs and different priorities. Our customer service department offers a wide range of services to meet every unique customer’s needs. Whether it’s a repair that requires our attention, or answering a question about building codes and regulations, we are happy to help.


Our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers is evident in the numerous programs and initiatives we are proud to be a part of.

Every Greatwise Home and Suite is Protected

Every Greatwise Home and Suite is protected by the Tarion Warranty Program, which gives homeowners the confidence that comes with being protected by Ontario’s finest home warranty plan. We have implemented several environmentally-friendly initiatives in many of our housing communities, with the goal of preserving the natural environment for our customers and providing them with a high-quality living experience for years to come.

We aim to create lasting customer relationships that leave you completely satisfied. And these relationships start by treating each and every one of our customers with the care and respect they deserve.

One-year guarantee

One-year guarantee on the workmanship and materials of your new home, a guarantee backed up by TARION New Home Warranty Program, the new name for the trusted Ontario New Home Warranty Program.

Full two-year coverage

Full two-year coverage on electrical, plumbing, heating delivery and distribution system

Seven-year structure guarantee

The TARION New Home Warranty Program 7 Year Structure Guarantee on major structural components of your new home.

Guaranteed by the manufacturer

Individual components in your new home are guaranteed by the manufacturer. Warranties provided by those reputable brand-name manufacturers are all passed on to you.