About Us

Our story started with a commitment to build great communities. To build wisely. To build thoughtfully. We set out to create homes where families could flourish. Where memories would be made. Where our devotion to sustainability, ethical practices and timeless design would be felt in every facet.

Over the decades, we have gathered an all-star team of professionals who bring their industry-leading expertise to our projects. This ensures that the people who will eventually reside in a Greatwise Developments community experience an outstanding home and an equally exceptional lifestyle. To that end, cutting-edge architecture and design are intrinsic to each housing development.

Greatwise Communities’ strong reputation stems from the seamless execution of various industry activities. From the rezoning of raw land and under-utilized sites to the marketing and construction of a multitude of new projects, the company has done it all. The Greatwise portfolio contains everything from luxury high-rise residential condominiums to low-rise garden homes and townhomes.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Greatwise Developments embraces ethical practices in every aspect of the building business. From extraordinary environmental policies to low-impact building, Greatwise sets the standard for excellence in a highly competitive arena – consistently exceeding government standards.

Community involvement is an integral part of Greatwise Developments. Supporting the communities where we build, and beyond, remains a principal priority. Our philanthropic activities have impacted vital charities throughout the province – creating a kinder, better world for the people of Ontario.

Greatwise Developments parent company, G&S Group of Companies, provides quality residential rentals to the Toronto and Ottawa markets. Learn more about G&S Group of Companies or to find a rental.